heartcappucino333wStarted in the San Francisco Bay Area, the mission of Green Café Network (GCN) is to make sustainability mainstream by greening the coffeehouse industry and harnessing cafe culture for environmental education and action.

Our Vision and Goals Include:

  • To make aggregate reductions in waste, energy, water and emissions through changes in café practices and individual lifestyles.
  • To continuously increase public environmental literacy and citizen action through cafe communities and the coffeehouse industry.
  • To collaborate with coffee shops, individuals and organizations from diverse neighborhoods of the Bay Area and beyond, striving for our work to be accessible to all communities.
  • To lead the movement to green the entire specialty coffee shop industry and make environmental responsibility a standard practice for restaurant operations.
  • And to use our network of cafes and supporters to:
    – Influence product supply chains
    – Promote social justice and the green jobs movement
    – Influence policy
    – Inspire citizen action; and…
    – Ultimately make sustainability mainstream.