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cappucino444wJoin Green Café Network and be a part of our growing network of businesses and individuals committed to reducing our impact on the environment and inspiring our local communities.

There are two types of membership, and both are FREE of cost to join:

1. Green Cafe Professionals –  This is a ‘closed’ group on Facebook
– or-
2. Green Cafe Community Members – This is an open forum through GCN’s Facebook page

Here’s the Details:
1. Green Cafe Professionals

For cafe / coffee professionals or aspiring coffee professionals that want to receive specific green business tips and connect directly with other café operators, roasters, baristas and coffee enthusiasts.  As a ‘closed’ group, only members of this group can post to this group and only members can see the posts (they are NOT viewable by the public).  See below for the benefits to joining this closed group.

Note:  The professionals in this group must each share our Shared Commitment to green principles and practices related to operating (and supporting) green businesses in the coffee industry.  

How To Join:

Through Email: Simply email us and we’ll send you an invitation to the group through email.  (Make sure to state that you uphold our Shared Commitment).  Then you ‘accept’ our invitation and you’ll be in the group!

Through Facebook: make sure to “Like” GCN on Facebook and then simply send us a message that you would like to join the Green Cafe Professionals group, and that you uphold our Shared Commitment (see note above).  We’ll send you an invitation and when you accept – you’ll be in the group!

Benefits to joining our group of Professional Members:

  • GCN posts specific, practical tips on operating a green café only to this group.
  • You can share best practices and actively connect with other café operators in the group.
  • Your cafe can get listed on GCN’s website, under “Find a Green Cafe” (optional).
  • You will get access to benefits and promotions with green venders as they arise during the year (all of which are optional.)  For example, you could get a coupon code for $100 off your first order with one of our partner venders.  Offers like this will come up during the year, and will only be posted to our closed group of Professional Members.
2. Green Cafe Community Members:

GCN’s goal this year is to grow the sustainability movement among café professionals and coffee enthusiasts alike, so this is an informal membership for anyone that loves coffee and the planet, wants to support greening the coffeehouse industry, and is interested in receiving news, events and tips related to coffee and sustainability.  

How To Join:

By pressing “Like” on GCN’s Facebook page, this will enable individuals to join this community and see GCN’s posts related to coffee and sustainability.  Participation from this broad array of coffee and sustainability enthusiasts will help grow the sustainable coffee movement and support the green café community.  So please encourage your friends to join as well!

Have any questions or don’t use Facebook?  Feel free to contact us.  We look forward to talking to you soon!